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I’m Janae—the accountability partner you didn’t know you needed.

And this is my digital journal curated, alongside the podcast, shop, and daily text messages to empower (you) change-maker to discover the power of your voice, story, and personal branding by using my core principle—keep going.

I had a plan.

This was not my plan—God disrupted mine.

Now I am walking by faith, building this brand, Naked and Exposed®, and becoming the best digital marketer on the block. I am only competing with the previous version of myself… nobody else.

Naked and Exposed® started as a lifestyle brand in 2018. Over time, it’s becoming a movement, a lens to view life through. We discuss everything—and I mean everything from lifestyle to business.

I post at minimum, when life isn’t life’n, once a week.

You can expect consistent content inspired to encourage, convict, and hold you accountable. 

It's time to embrace your authenticity, practice vulnerability, and overcome those mental roadblocks to solve unique problems in your professional and personal life.

I am sacrificing my scars for public display, so you do not feel alone.

"And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account."

On June 15, 2022, I launched an initiative called It Only Took A Year. I will bring you along on my book-writing adventure to write and publish my next book in a year. 

Next? Yes, I have two published books, but this book is different. It Hurts to Heal (2018), But Healing Does Come (2022) are collections of poetry as I wrote my way through my wilderness season of new cities, relationships, and childhood trauma.

This book is the book—my debut book. It's a mixture of a memoir and an anthology of lessons I've collected along the way. This book will be highly experimental. 

I ask that you commit to a $7 monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime, but I highly encourage you to commit to the process with me for 365 days. 

A lot can happen in a year. Where will you be? Who will you become?


Janae Carlee
As an empowerment specialist, Janae encourages change-makers to discover the power of their voice, story, and personal branding by using her core principle—"keep going."