Feb 15, 2020 • 29M

Don't Stop Now.

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Janae Carlee
We're navigating life, showing up authentically, and dialoguing candidly on the Naked and Exposed ® Podcast. Listeners walk away encouraged, convicted and held accountable. Consider me the accountability partner you didn't know you needed. #keepgoing
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In today's episode, we discuss the reality of showing up when you don't want to, taking every thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) and being content. CONTENTMENT IS A REAL-THING! It's possible. It's desirable. It's where we should reside. Listen, the Lord says to be anxious for NOTHING! Fear does not belong here. The desire is to be a healing, whole people doing greater works than He for the kingdom! Why? Deliverance is the children's bread and God said WE WOULD DO GREATER WORKS! We've been in the room and surrounded by too many greats to not be great ourselves. Be great. Be healed. Be whole. Be transformed. The key is to show up, be presented, and to not carry uncommunicated expectations. We need a healthy community! We just need to allow ourselves to be processed and endure the race—before you know it you're reaping the fruit of what you prayed for today. It's a fruit in alignment with God's desires for us.

Be encouraged. "If you quit today your future children won't have a reason to keep going."

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