Nov 15, 2020 • 12M

He Still Watches

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Janae Carlee
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Imagine watching a movie where you know information the individual characters are unaware of… and decisions are made from this internal place as your heart begins to break—because based on how they respond, in one moment what’s going on behind the scenes where the audience (you and me) is seen gleaning upon the screen is a reality the individual characters will never know what each other have sacrificed to become. #TheSHowMustGoOn

Truth is we don't always know the story of those around us or afar. God is in the conflict. He is in the discomfort. He is aware of the decisions we must make. Even those decisions we make to please him... some fall short.

"Disclaimer: destinies are altered due to one decision is a moment." Was it God’s will? For only God knows His intended outcome—yet He has factored in our ability to choose the equation that encompasses the larger picture.

In today's episode, we discuss God knows everything about our life—we are the characters in the movie. With Him, we can overcome the shame, doubt, and far that may attempt to have us abort the assignment. There is grace. We must give grace too. Let's continue to Matthew 6:33. Stay the course!  "God didn't say it would be easy! He said it would be worth it." Choose God despite how we feel and DO NOT SHRINK BACK! 

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