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It Only Took A Year Initiative

On June 15, 2022, I am launching an initiative called It Only Took A Year. I will bring you along on my book writing adventure to write and publish my next book in a year. 

Next? Yes, I have two published books, but this book is different. It Hurts to Heal (2018), But Healing Does Come (2022) are collections of poetry as I wrote my way through my wilderness season of new cities, relationships, and childhood trauma.

This book is the book—my debut book. It's a mixture of a memoir and an anthology of lessons I've collected along the way. This book will be highly experimental. 

I ask that you commit to a $7 monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime, but I highly encourage you to commit to the process with me for 365 days. 

A lot can happen in a year. Where will you be? Who will you become?

To follow this process, I ask you to devote a similar amount of time to ONE task. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Naked and Exposed ® Journal by Janae Carlee is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and join the It Only Took A Year Initiative, as a paid subscriber.

I am offering you a special rate as a dedicated subscriber and founding member that starts June 15, 2022.

Join the Initiative

With this subscription, you'll receive weekly chapter updates, accompanying audio recordings narrating the chapter, voice memos, and conversations with others on the current topic—straight to your email inbox or you can download the app and respond directly to each post.  

This initiative is private.
We'll use the newsletter threads, emails, and the text message community to engage with one another. 

At the end of the process, you'll receive a digital copy of the finalized, edited book with the option to receive a paperback edition and become a guest on the upcoming podcast series to accompany the book release.  

The $7 monthly commitment will: 

  1. keep me accountable 

  2. help me fund the editing and publishing process. 


  • Subscribe as a paid subscriber

  • Select the tier you want to commit to - monthly, annually, or founding member.

  • Share this with someone who would enjoy this journey alongside us.

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When does this initiative start?

  • June 15, 2022—and from there you will receive new updates every week.

Why are you charging money for this?

  • This initiative is a labor of love and will be very content-heavy with the intent to help you unlock your potential to make progress towards a defined goal.

  • The money obtained from this initiative will go towards the editing process of the book. Writing it is the first step. Submitting it to an editor is another. Thankfully I am a designer :)

Does this subscription include a completed book?

  • Absolutely. The writings will go through an editing phase. When the edited phase is complete, the design phase will start. You automatically receive a completed edited and designed digital copy.

  • For a paperback book, (for those who are monthly and annual) I will ask that you cover the shipping and I will mail you a physical copy.

  • The founding member tier will give you access to both without paying for shipping.

What is the Founding Member tier? And why does it cost that much?

  • The founding member tier gives you access to a custom experience box that includes: (2) shirts, (1) journal, (1) pen, (3) Books - It hurts to heal, but healing does come, and the book from this initiative, and stickers, etc. Also, this gives you the opportunity to be a peer reviewer, a podcast guest, and more exclusives to be developed along the way.

Can I get a refund?

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will be removed from the initiative and will not recieve any updates moving forward. There will be no refund on the subcription due to you having access to all the previous writings.

Your ministry is a blessing to me! Can I contribute more?

  • Wow, yes! With the founding member subscription, you can add any amount higher than what’s listed.

When will the book be published?

  • My goal is to have this book published by June 15, 2023. This book currently does not have a name.

Can I share this with others?

  • Please! You can share nuggets of inspiration from the email. However, the person will have to have a subscription to view it on the web. I encourage you to get them a membership or the final book when the initiative concludes.

I will update this as the questions arise.