Mar 22, 2022 • 11M

Overtime We Evolve

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Janae Carlee
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Over time we evolve. We stop resembling our childhood homes. Our exteriors age, renovations take place, we relocate, desiring to root into stable grounds for seasonal storms do blow through, and unexpected fires burn away what was. We are left to face the ashes of what's next? What have I learned? How can I be better? Pain is all that remains until we decide to make art out of a new day. Over time we evolve, Sitting here in admiration for the person we are becoming, Full of wonder and hope.

It’s been a couple of years since we went all in surrendering our will for His. It shows. We look more at peace now. The internal wages war With an all too powerful force, Taking thoughts captive Without entertaining. We realize it was never about being the best, It was about giving our best. At all times. Minus the striving. We see, The son did rise, The sun keeps shining On this morning.

And tomorrow brings its own puzzle pieces to compose. Today we dance freely, without care of stepping offbeat. We chose to show up. We learned it’s not about being The best, but giving it all we got. And for three years we’ve given all we got. We’ve transformed, transforming with a whole lot more to give, A whole lot more to become, A whole lot more. Quiet seasons require a new surrendered trust. Make a promise to God to keep going even when those we thought would stay, stop. Stand your ground, be rooted. Most plants outgrow their pot.

God is doing a great work. 

Keep going!


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