Jan 19, 2021 • 54M

Showing Up with God in Friendship with Jaquan Gillespie

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Friendships! Friendships! Friendships! We can sometimes go into friendships not defining the roles. 

In today’s episode, I sit down with Jaquan, a great friend of mine, as we discuss the importance of friendship from both, male and female. Healing is ushered in through the various relationships God calls us into.

“Once you know the value for yourself, you’re able to set healthy boundaries in your friendships and what you need from those friendships.”

Points of reflection:

1. Who is God? What is His nature? What is His heart towards you? (Do not answer this based on who people say He is. Answer for yourself and allow God to reveal to you the truth of who He is. He does speak. I speak peace over your mind, in Jesus' name, to hear Him clearly at this moment. Amen )

2. Who does God say you are? (Not defined by shortcomings, experiences, upbringing, but based on who He is.)

3. What type of friend do you want to be, and what type of friend are you? What does friendship look like for you?

4. Have you defined your friendships and communicated expectations? For example, loyalty is defined differently all across the board—discuss definitions.

Take some time to listen to this episode and reflect upon the questions during quiet time with the Lord. He will guide you to the answers. Friendships are vital for who we are becoming! Let's stop allowing the enemy to distract us from forming meaningful connections.