Dec 15, 2020 • 30M

The Apology That Never Came

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Janae Carlee
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"Closure is a way to keep us bound. If we're waiting for somebody to acknowledge us or apologize to us, that is, in my opinion, not the heart of the Lord. The goal is not to get stuck in what people do or don't do. The goal is to hear the voice of the Lord in the situation and move past it, to move on, to allow God to give us joy for our mourning. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. God is a master storyteller. God knows who he will use to get us from point a to point be."

I thought God said the guy in my last relationship was my husband, but I got it wrong…

What we desire may not be the desires God wants for us. He knows best because He wrote our story. He provides truth to our perspectives when it is rooted in hurt and brokenness—If we allow God.

"I didn't want to show up today. I did not want to record this podcast episode. If I'm honest, I wanted to wallow in my despair[…] God's strength is made perfect in my weakness. I choose at this moment for God to be glorified in my weakness."

We get it wrong. Humility is being okay with admitting that we got it wrong and asking God to show us what we needed to learn from it. It's in suffering we know how to endure (Romans 3:3-5). This same suffering develops our character and provides hope for what God is doing in and through us. "The whole point is to mature in character and perspective to become more whole in Christ." I am a better woman because of this defining moment.

For the girl like me, ask God for clarity around your last heartbreak. Ask him to show you the truth of the story He wrote and how He plans to use the decisions we make to become a part of our good. "God has a plan! It's not an end of a chapter when we get it wrong. It's not an end of a chapter when the person does you wrong. It's not an end of a chapter when your brokenness has you to become a victim. It's not an end of a chapter when your brokenness has you to be the one who offended."

We should desire to get to a place where we can bless the person who hurt us, bless the person they will marry, and when we can look at life through a journey of healing and discovery—It's not always about us. It's about what God needs to get done in and through us. God is faithful! Even when the apology never comes and the relationship ends.

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