Apr 6, 2021 • 17M

Truth Is

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Janae Carlee
We're navigating life, showing up authentically, and dialoguing candidly on the Naked and Exposed ® Podcast. Listeners walk away encouraged, convicted and held accountable. Consider me the accountability partner you didn't know you needed. #keepgoing
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A bitter-sweet, vulnerable season—BUT WE MADE IT!   

  • Delight yourself in GOD

  • Continuously seek first the Kingdom and righteousness.

  • There is a difference between want and need. 

  • Invite God in. 

  • Relationship with GOD is the goal. 

  • Endure 

  • God will use whatever he desires (including people) to get us to where we need to be. 

In today's episode, we address singleness at the root and recap what season 3 was all about. Some of the things we've gone through are because of the decisions we've made; whether good or bad. 

"Brokenness stays broken when no one challenges the sickness of same ole' story to get well."

Keep going! It's only up from here! Naked and exposed the showcase 2021 is July 17. Text showcase to 9195685610 to receive all the updates on the official release.