Mar 23, 2021 • 1HR 4M

You Have the Permission to Become—Dream Bigger with Leah Nicole

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Leah Nicole is your disruptive coach! The Lord uses her to disrupt your comfort zone to shift and pivot you in the right direction with Him. Pull up a seat and sit with us as we navigate the space of authenticity, womanhood, entrepreneurship, and giving ourselves the permission to become who God has called us to be.

This journey requires risk. The future requires an investment. "Investing looks like time and  money." We must invest in where we are headed.

We must ask ourselves really tough questions—deeper questions than the surface to get to a core belief. 

What's needed to become: 

  • Reflection—Disrupt the lies—about self, capabilities, perspective. 

  • Discipline—Be decided to do and move in the direction headed. 

  • Consistent—Do the heart work, hard work, remain steadfast, forward-moving. 

  • Application—When you believe you'll move, you change.

We are unique in our own way! There is no one out here doing what we do like we do. There are blueprints to see what's possible. 


Who are you becoming? 

What areas do you need to reflect upon? 

 If you need daily encouragement, message me at 9195685610. 

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